Angela Farquharson

Unique, one off, handmade life size female sculpture. The sculpture has a light airy, other world quality and would work well in either a garden or water setting.

Running Hare

A life size sculpture that captures a hare running in a very realistic manner. The sculpture is full of life and movement. Available in either cast foundry bronze or iron resin.

Each is created and finished by the artist and are a signed and numbered edition of 36.

Aphrodite & Rapture
Angela Farquharson

Female draped bronze torsos. Both Aphrodite and Rapture are an edition of 36 and are signed and numbered. Mounted on polished Kilkenny marble.

Boxing Hares

The new edition of boxing hares are now available to order. Created in either cast foundry bronze or in iron resin. They are a signed and numbered edition of 36.

These hares capture hare’s boxing in a very realistic life like way and look amazing in a garden setting.

Tranquillity II
Angela Farquharson

A twice life size female head. Handmade in black stoneware ceramic, steel and iron resin. The sculpture is mounted on Portland and Pennant stone plinth’s. For home or garden.

The Secret

A beautiful and enchanting life size sculpture of a girl holding something gently within her hands.

It is up to you to decide what it might be?

An edition of nine available in bronze. The edition is signed and numbered by the artist.

Angela Farquharson

Black stoneware ceramic half-life size female figure on a textured plinth. Suitable for both indoor and the garden. A signed and numbered edition of 36.

Pouncing Fox Cub

This life size sculpture is full of life and movement and portrays a fox cub just about to pounce on something that has court his attention.

Available in either foundry bronze or iron resin and is a signed and numbered edition of 36.

Suitable for the garden or indoor setting.

Fine art figurative sculpture
For the home and garden

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